Apostle LaWanda Peters would be honored to consider your invitation. She is available to speak at your upcoming leadership meeting, conference, television guest appearance, and other special meetings or services. Although these are examples of messages Apostle Peters has given, every message is re-evaluated and prayed over for your specific group. Empowerment, encouragement, and enlightenment are focal points for each message.

*In order to facilitate your request for the 2021 and 2022 schedule, please submit the information about your upcoming event. 


Apostle LaWanda Peters ministers restoration to the hurting, lost, rejected, low self esteem. Having lost three successful businesses, experienced two failed marriages at a early age, raising two kids as a single parent, sleeping on floors and living with strangers...having it all and losing it, she knows first hand what it is to have lost and recover all. In her own words, "It's not until you have gone through the fire and come out that you can minister to others in supernatural power, that yields true healing and deliverance."


Known for her "Reckless Faith" by many, this Woman of God TRULY knows what it is to HAVE to Trust God & him alone. Having been in ministry 19 years as a Pastor, with no set salary in place, while maintaining a household, two kids, traveling three hours one way to Pastor at a family based church taught this Woman of God the true meaning of WALKING BY FAITH AND NOT BY SIGHT. God uses her mightily to encourage and uplift others. Many testimonies follow her ministry in the areas of healing, deliverance and faith.


This woman of God is known to lay hands on the sick and they recover. She believes very strongly in the power of healing and deliverance, and God uses her mightily in those areas. Cancer patients, many who have experienced heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, suicidal attempts/thoughts, have been completely healed and delivered. She's known to operate as the Actor from the Green Mile. She's very passionate about her assignment, and take the word at face value, "Greater works shall we do than what our Father did."


Apostle LaWanda Peters is not just a house Prophet but a International Prophet as well.  She has been known to speak prophetically concerning the government, celebrities, global situations, and much more. She's known by many as The Lion Heart Prophet, because she's not afraid to speak boldly what the Lord is speaking.  She's known for her accuracy and keen sensitivity in the prophetic. Many seek her out for her gift of prophecy.



Having been a victim of Domestic Violence, she ministers under a heavy anointing in the areas of healing, deliverance, and restoration to those who have experienced Domestic & Verbal Abuse. Being delivered from a abusive marriage where she suffered a broken nose, foot, ruptured vessels in her lip, and almost losing her child at five months from abuse, this woman of God is extremely passionate about domestic abuse, and God uses her to share her life changing testimony to help others come out and be free.



Having been through peer pressure, being rejected, picked out to be picked on, to being pregnant at 16, turning to alcohol, clubbing, rebelling completely, Apostle Peters ministers with such love and compassion to the Youth today, to the point that many young ladies as well as gentlemen seek her out for guidance, counsel and/or direction. Her realness, willingness to love on them, yet give the sometimes hard truth, and most of all her transparency reaches them in a way that's unique.

The Giving Fashionista

Apostle LaWanda Peters is also known for her love for Fashion. The Woman of God has been known to bless many, many, women with shoes, clothing, designer handbags, etc."I remember having it all, and one day waking up on someone's floor sleeping. I was ALWAYS into my appearance, but there was a time I couldn't afford pantyhose, so I made a promise to myself, that I would be a blessing to others as often as I'm led by the spirit when I came out of my drought." Being a woman of her word, she's known to take the very shoes off her feet while preaching and blessing someone else.  This gift of giving is not in one area but many, from time and talents to finances, and she teaches under a heavy anointing on giving, reaping and sowing. She believes in leading by example, and many have been blessed by her teachings.